2011 the feeling be thick sincere Mid-Autumn festivalactivities. Celebrating industry

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September 12,, is a traditional festival "Mid-Autumn festival", this is a festive and send the best wishes reunion festival, the company in order to let leave factory employees have a happy happy festival, special representative to the general manager of employees our warmest greetings, and at the same time, in the enterprise of the organization, the positive launched a rich for everybody and brilliant Mid-Autumn festival dinner. Entertainment At 9 PM, the company transact before the high up, music lanterns float in the sky, drawn to the factory flag blowing out into the sincere industry, is permeated with festival full-bodied breath, the staff a festival with smile with surprise, the activity, the scene in succession in laughter and applause, host to announce this activity of the process, followed by the riddles, covers to the event knocked on the first sound, people in thinking about the war drum looking for his answer, one is into the bamboo take note, in a mystery solved, at this time, the alarm is very interesting thing of true and false of the balloon, and cast, blow colorful silk balls, intelligence battle and a series of classic game makes his debut in succession. Along with the activities of warming, the staff being inundated forth in the crowd, the cheers from the burst and a roar, bold and unconstrained, passion, shocked the participants to forget the heat of the sun, it has pointed to the afternoon between clockwise 17 points scored 30 points, at this time, music in gradually disappeared, all live in a look through the fierce struggle to decide the winner after ranking, hard sweat and the wisdom of superman get prepared for the company, all kinds of exquisite prizes, at the same time to move and joy for the Mid-Autumn festival celebration activities sincere industry drew a circle month of full stop. In the company's vigorous support, through the staff careful planning organizations, away from the homeland of employees in this big family in sincere industry had a passion, warmth, peace, the reunion of the Mid-Autumn festival.